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- ... But is it true? That we were made for each other, and all that? Or it's just romantic rubbish?
- Of course it's romantic rubbish. You can make it true, however.
- You mean to pretend?..
- Why choose the meanest word? Don't pretend. Just live your life like this is true, and so it will be.
- But if it turns out eventually that I'm lying to myself?
- Well, then it will break your heart.
- That's exactly what I fear. Pain.
- Yes, it'll be very, very painful. Perhaps you will die.
- But if I don't...
- If you don't even try, boy, then you're dead already. That's what it is.

Kilgore Trout, "Lie and Death"
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- Aren't you puzzled with that curious fact: the more developed an animal is, the easier it yields to the horror of death?
- Hmm... Not really.
- A snail will struggle for life even if cut into pieces. Same with insects.
- Have you cut one?
- I was a child once, you know. See, a fish thrashes till its last breath, but a rat or a rabbit can be terrorized moveless. And what of apes? Isn't that their complicated brain capable of perceiving the overwhelming idea of an inevitable end what threatens their population?
- Now human beings...
- Yes, human beings are next in the row. I should say, it was a matter of survival to find a remedy against the dreadful of our poorly conscious mind. Yet we persisted.
- What are you driving at? Religion?
- Down with religion. It's lie.
- Lie?..
- Yes. We can lie to ourselves. No one else in the world but we can.

Kilgore Trout, "Lie and Death"


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